Special Offers

Thank you for allowing us to make you this simple offer.

For a limited time we are offering 20 subscriptions at $750.00* per month. This is 25% off our normal monthly rate of $1,000. You can save even more by paying for an annual subscription priced at $8,000, a savings of $1,000 over this special price and $4,000 over the cost of a normally priced membership.

Monthly subscribers will receive 4 promotional videos (up to 2:00 minutes in length). These may be:

  • sales specials,
  • special event announcements,
  • news and events,
  • evergreen announcements, or
  • whatever you deem important for your customers to know.

Annual subscribers: will get all of the above plus special video holiday (New Years, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or one other holiday of their choice, greeting cards, absolutely free.

To recap for annual subscribers:

  • Four regular monthly videos
  • Four holiday greeting cards

a $12,400 value for $8,000 annual payment.


Monthly subscribers: will get four regular monthly videos for $750.00 per month. (Holiday greetings not included).


Of course we are still offering one-off pricing as well: $250.00 per video, $50.00 per stinger, $25 for personalized holiday cards. Call or email for special projects such as wedding video albums.

This offer closes at midnight on August 15, 2020.

So, don’t delay contact us to arrange for an interview and let’s get started building the masterpieces that will grow your business.

  • Price includes template and editing time. Price does not include extra fees for copyrighted materials such as attributed music, sound effects or artist owned video clips.

Please reach out to us for your special projects or if we may be of any other service: support@hilltopvideoservices.com