Why You Need Us

“Our customers don’t know what they want until we tell them.”

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc.

The success of your business/event is important to you. Many times customers draw a blank when searching for the right product or service that better fits their needs. What you have to offer may certainly suit your customer’s need. But why should they patronize your business or event when there may be so many more to choose from?

The answer lies in the emotion and trust sparked by a dynamic demonstration of “why they should buy from you.” Your visual marketing should paint a picture that involks interest and satisfies the customers’ need. Restaurants don’t just sell food, they sell a dining experience. And, real estate agents don’t just sell houses, they sell comfort and security.

Customer experience is everything.

Here are some media facts to consider:

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Simply research the cost of a 30-second media spot and you’ll find it to start at $500 to thousands and may take days to weeks to produce.

We value your time and resources as if they are our own. Partner with us to bring more than 1,400 marketing templates, thousands of graphics, photos and short clips, and millions of combinations to create your signature masterpiece.

Social media has become the marketing workhorse that grows and sustains business. Almost no aspect of human existence is not touched or controlled by digital media. If you are not using video as your social media message, we predict your company may go the way of the dinosaurs and telegraph companies.

Here are some (of the hundreds) “Logo Stinger” examples that we may choose to showcase your company brand:

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These are just a few of the ideas that we can incorporate using content and logos that you have already created.

Here is what you’ll get

Your videos will come in MP4 (full and compressed versions) and GIF formats. You can embed them in emails, post them to social media or send them to your Youtube channel . Videos will be sent with our watermark which will be removed upon payment for your masterpiece.

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